Due to COVID19 restrictions we are experiencing slight delays with transport. Please be mindful that orders may be delivered a few days later than expected. Thank you!

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CherishYou’ will offer you FREE delivery within the Melbourne city.

Deliveries will arrive at to your door step before 6pm.  We don’t like to say an exact time and make u hurt for a delayed Courier service and to break your trust on us!

We will deliver you for free but if u want us to do more extra decorations , wrappings just pay $5 and surprise your loving person.

Yes why not.  Make Your preorders by sending us an email hello@cherishyou.com.au or by giving us a call 03 9013 6900. We will  arrange everything and deliver the day you want. Surprise!! 

Yes of course!  Email hello@cherishyou.com.au or by giving us a call 03 9013 6900. and let’s discuss what we can do.

Oh! Don’t worry even a little. We always got your back. Call us and let us know about the issue and tell us where or to whom we should handover your parcel. We will do that. If that place is 1km away from the shipping address just pay $5 and we will take care of the rest. 

Hmm..! Unfortunately, we do not currently deliver overseas. But we are hoping to deliver overseas soon. Stay tuned with us. 

If you have any other questions about delivering  contact us at hello@cherishyou.com.au or by  call us 03 9013 6900.

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