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Ferrero Roche Chocolate Gift with Veuve Moinsans - 750ml

  • Veuve Moinsans – 750ml
  • Ferrero Roche Chocolate – 40



Ferrero Roche Chocolate Gift with Veuve Moinsans – 750ml

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  • Veuve Moinsans – 750ml
  • Ferrero Roche Chocolate – 40

A birthday gift for someone needs to be something very special that the person would cherish for a long time. A sweet gift hamper that can exceed your expectation and give your close one the utmost joy is the Ferrero Roche Chocolate Gift with Veuve Moinsans from CherishYou.

Do you know what makes this product is a perfect gift for birthdays? Ferrero Roche is the classiest and tastiest crunchy chocolate available worldwide, which can never go wrong as a gift on anyone’s birthday. Additionally, the Veuve Moinsans wine is another elite pick to celebrate boozy birthdays and have great fun. Thus, this gift combination gives a sweet yet tipsy boost to the birthday boy/ girl.

This lovely hamper comes with a large 750 ml Veuve Moinsans bottle, along with 40 Ferrero Roche chocolates, beautifully beaded on the bottom surface of the bottle, presenting a lavish decoration. Such a stunning look of the product makes it one of the most amazing Melbourne gifts that will easily steal the heart of the birthday boy/ girl.

So, you can opt for this wholesome gifting idea for your friend or relative’s birthday and get the hamper delivered right to their doorstep via our free delivery Australia wide service. The most amazing part of this gift is that you can order it anytime from us and enjoy the ease of same-day delivery in Melbourne. Also, you will get this gift at a very affordable price, which rightly suits your budget and lets you make your loved one’s birthday a joyous venture in no time.

We make sure that all the chocolates are appropriately glued to the Veuve Moinsans wine bottle and the entire package is delivered to your place safely. We pack this gift in a sturdy box so that the product remains intact during delivery. So, order this gift hamper today and let your close ones cherish your token of love in their memory for a long time.


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