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Purple Heart Chocolate Gift with three Vodka Cruiser 355ml

  • Vodka Cruiser 355ml – 3
  • Purple Heart Chocolate – 18



Purple Heart Chocolate Gift with three Vodka Cruiser 355ml

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  • Vodka Cruiser 355ml – 3
  • Purple Heart Chocolate – 18

When it comes to buying the best Melbourne gifts, always opt for something that greatly impacts the person you are gifting to. Thus, to fulfil your purpose, the Purple Heart Chocolate Gift with Three Vodka Cruiser 355 ml will be one of the best gift baskets filled with ultimate happiness.

The ecstatic beauty of this gift hamper is beyond anyone’s expectation. This nicely arranged chocolate bouquet comes in a beautiful white bucket. You’ll get 18 heart-shaped chocolates wrapped in purple covers, placed with lavender paper sheets in between, and 3 Vodka cruisers of 355ml each. All these products are presented beautifully with a creative decoration that can easily melt the heart of your partner.

You can order this basket from us and enjoy the ease of same-day delivery anywhere across Melbourne. This hamper is simply one of the best gifts you can purchase for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and get it delivered right to his doorstep.

Do you know what is the best part of ordering this gift bucket from us? You need not be physically involved in gifting this hamper to your beloved, which makes it an excellent pick for a surprise Valentine’s Day gift. Also, this gift hamper is super affordable, which won’t cost you many bucks, and easily fit into your budget.

If you ever get confused about what can be the best and most creative gift option for your Valentine, then with this hamper, you’ll never fail to put a smile on your boyfriend’s face. However, as chocolates are an all-time favourite of almost every person, this chocolate bouquet serves to be the best gift for any occasion.

Also, the 3 small vodka cruisers add extra booze to the enjoyment of your celebration. Besides, the lovely presentation of this chocolate bouquet leaves a lasting impression on your partner’s mind, making the memory worth cherishing for a long time.


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